parts overhaul

Parts Development

Div. Name Description Apply tools
Mechanism Manifold & Vacuum Part Has a drawing Furnace, CVD
Frame and sheet-metal Has a drawing Able to sketch All fab’s tools
Quartz Ware Has a drawing Able to develop Furnace, RTP
Electrical PCB OEM Part Has a drawing Able to sketch
Cable Harness Has a drawing Able to sketch Furnace, CVD, RTP
Special Part & PCB Furnace, CVD, RTP, Track TEL,KE,AG, etc..
  • Mechanical parts

  • Electrical / PCB

Parts Repairing, Used & Brand new parts sourcing

  • TORAY Japan O2 Analyzer

  • NGK Japan O2 Analyzer

  • Advanced Energy, Exhaust Controller & Valve

  • SENTRY(PTI), Exhaust Controller & Valve

  • Air-products (Schumacher) ATCS-15 Bubbler

  • Air-products (Schumacher) VG300 Series Bubbler

  • VAT, Load Lock Slot Valve

  • MKS, Roughing Valve

  • MKS, Gate Valve

  • VAT, Roughing Valve

  • VAT, Bellows Gate Valve

New Developed Item - Mechanical Parts

  • For ALD Process, Dust Trap

  • Coolant Trap

  • Multi Structure Mesh Trap

  • Disk Trap

  • Customize Welded Bellows

  • Customize Welded Bellows

  • Welded Bellows used application

  • Customize Load Lock Valve Blade

  • Leak rate: < 1 * 10-8 atm cc/sec

    .All Vacuum Process, Any types of Valves
    .200mm & 300mm

  • Teflon(PTFE) Parts

  • Radiator for RCU Heater

  • Vacuum pipe clamps, Quartz clamps